CBD for anxiety

Most of you reading this will know who I am and what I blog about. For any of you who don’t. My name is Christina, I’m 30 years old. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016. I Suffer with Chronic anxiety and PTSD. I talk about specific things to raise awareness.

I started using the Celtic Wind Cbd around two and a half years ago. When I first started to use it, it was out of curiosity and I was a bit sceptic because I didn’t know much about it. I was scared incase I took too much or naively thought it might get me high. I heard many stories about cbd and some of the benefits. I was struggling so much with anxiety, panic attacks and spasticity pain. I thought I’d give it a try because I was quite literally at my wits end. I was taking my anti-depressant medication for my anxiety and was doing a lot of breathing exercises to help with the overwhelming panic attacks. Truth is the medication and breathing exercises did and do work but still I would find myself still suffering panics and I would get myself wound up into a horrific state. I thought I’d give cbd oil a try and I am glad that I did.

The first cbd oil that I bought was the 500mg 5% Celtic Wind oil in the chemist for approximately 33 euro. I didn’t try it until I could feel a panic attack coming on. So for any of you, who have read my previous blogs, I suffer so much with anxiety especially when I’m travelling anywhere on my own especially since the sexual assault. I remember getting onto a bus to head down to my partner for the weekend. I got on the bus and it was packed, I suddenly felt like I was choking up and my body started to tremble. I get really bad tremors when I am panicking, not sure if it’s the MS or the anxiety but I’d imagine it’s a bit of both. I grabbed the cbd oil out of my bag and took a full dropper of it. I remember looking at the time on my phone and within 1 minute I could feel the shakes calming down and when the clock striked the next minute, I was no longer shaking. I was thinking to myself, I am panicking but yet my body didn’t react with the panic. I remember calling my partner and telling her how good this cbd stuff was. 

Over two years later and I still use cbd oil and lately I have tried out the cbd capsules. Over the past few months, my anxiety has been at an all time high. I think everyone has been suffering with anxiety over the past few months due to Coronavirus and staying at home. Thankfully now we are starting to get back to some sort of normal as the numbers are low. So during the Covid 19 Lockdown, I mentioned my anxiety was extremely high and I’m sure most of you can resonate. My MS symptoms were going crazy and I lost my dad during Covid lockdown too.

I was and still am suffering with Occipital Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Sinnusitis. The pain has been horrendous for the past three months but thankfully I am getting so much relief now. I was given 1000mg 10% Celtic Wind Cbd oil and it has kept me so much more relaxed. I was given tablets by the doctor, I received a nerve blocker in the hospital and my medication has been upped. So they all helped the pain but yet I still would be panicking at night. Now I am not saying that the cbd helped with pain because even after the nerve blocker and medication, I was still suffering with some pain but the higher strength cbd really did help me to relax and sleep. 

The past week I have started to take the 1200mg Celtic wind capsules just to try them out. Now I was so used to the cbd oil so I wasn’t sure how the tablet form was going to work for me. But actually you can take two of those a day. So I started taking one in the morning and one at night and it’s just as good as the oil itself. I have felt more relaxed in myself all week and haven’t once gone looking for my cbd oil. The only difference I found was that the cbd oil is great for an instant calm down affect. I feel with the capsule form, I noticed a difference over the couple of days, I was in better spirits and so much more relaxed but I think for when I know I am anxious or having a panic attack, the cbd oil’s benefits hit much quicker for a more instant relief.

Achy muscles?. I’ve also tried the 300mg muscle balm. So over lockdown I went out for a couple of jogs and my god this stuff is good. Now I am not an athlete but I usually spasm quite a bit in my legs and calves. So I actually put some of the balm on before my jog and after. It smells so nice and makes the muscles feel relaxed and less stiff and rigid. The good thing about it is how long it lasts. If I was very active, I would buy it but for now i think the cbd oil is my favourite to use because of its calming affects.

If you are someone new to the cbd scene, I would recommend the following :

  1. You are 18+ and suffer with mild to moderate anxiety (1200mg Celtic wind capsules) You could start with just taking one a day if you are unsure.
  2. You are 18+ and Have frequent panic attacks and have never tried cbd oil before (500mg Celtic Wind cbd oil)  Might be a good place to start. If you find it beneficial you could up the dose if you need stronger but 500mg is an excellent choice and also the cheapest.
  3. You are 18+ and Suffer with anxiety and would have frequent long-lasting panic attacks and need something to calm and help you sleep better too (1000mg 10% Celtic Wind Cbd oil or 1500mg cbd oil)

I will continue to use the capsules twice a day to see the long-lasting results. But I will keep using the cbd oil 1000mg or 15000mg Celtic wind oil for when I know I am going out and may get anxious if I am on my own as I feel the oil definitely gives me a calming down affect within minutes. 

Hope this may help some of you find which cbd products may suit you best.

Christina xxx

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