If Trees Could Speak to us

My mind has always been that of an over thinker, sometimes for the worst but also for the best. Since I was a child, my mind has always been in over drive, I was always and still am a happy person but I also feel a lot. As a child and through out my life I’ve often heard, “you’re way too sensitive”, “you’re too soft, you need to toughen up”. Well my response to that is, there is no such thing as being too sensitive. I am just a sensitive person and that is just the way I am and I would never change that about myself. I feel fully, when I am happy, I feel joy intensely and when I hurt for myself or others, I get deeply upset.


Ive been through a lot of in my short life, heartache, traumatic experiences and struggled and still struggle with many mental health disorders and issues. I battle them every day and it is hard but I do believe there is also light at the end of the tunnel (so cheesy) I know!!


Being diagnosed with MS never made me feel like my life was over or anything like that. In fact when I was first diagnosed and remember saying to my partner who was upset, “I’ve been through worse, if I got through everything else in my past, I can live with this, I may struggle with bad days but we can get through this.” Not gonna lie, I have days, weeks even where I am so angry with MS but I always think to myself, I might wish I didn’t have MS but I am glad it is me who has it and not someone I love. I cope better when things happen to me but I’m not great when anything happens to the people I love.


My mind works on over time and I don’t remember a time in my life where it didn’t. But as I got thinking I remembered stuff I used to think of and day dream about when I was a child and it really got me thinking about a simple way to de-stress and release all the negative thoughts that wanders around my mind on a daily basis. When I was a kid I used to look up at the trees and think, “how old are all these trees?”, “how many decades, centuries have they lived through”, “How many stories must they have”. As I look back upon this memory I learned a very valuable lesson.


It sounds very childish but its a simple thought that could change the way we look at things and it did for me.  If trees could talk, would they tell us about all the seasons they’ve lived trough, all the conversations they’ve heard, all the celebrations they’ve seen, all the wars they’ve seen, all the happy conversations they’ve heard and all the conversations they’ve heard about peoples struggles.

Trees have probably seen more people walking down paths at different stages of their lives. Some good and some bad. All the get togethers, celebrations, breakups, new moms walking with their newborns, happy families walking their dogs, people walking by at funerals etc. The trees have seen it all and yet they stand tall. This can be seen as a metaphor, at some stage in all of our lives we will be faced with difficult times but we can get through it. Just like the people who lived before us and those who will live on after us.

Another lesson that came from my love of trees, was that trees breathe in what’s good for them and breathes out what’s bad for them. They give us life, they help give us the air that we breathe. So maybe when times get tough or we’ve too much going on in our minds, we need to be more like trees. How??

No matter how tough times can get, we must stand tall & We breathe in the good and let out all the bad!


Thank you for reading!

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